Committed to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Excellence

Arena Offshore was founded on the principle that great achievement comes as a result of exemplary effort. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments that demonstrate our continuing commitment to this core tenet—particularly our health and safety performance and regulatory compliance record. While we have consistently delivered pace-setting performance in these areas, we are always seeking to drive ongoing improvement through our plans, decisions, and actions.

The pillars of our efforts include:

  • Unwavering commitment to ensuring personnel and process safety and environmental stewardship are the primary drivers behind our business and operational decisions
  • Effective alignment with our contractor partners on Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) processes, requirements, and deliverables
  • Rigorous day-to-day oversight by our management team of field operating activities including SEMS deliverables, HSE performance, and regulatory compliance
  • Consistent application of lessons learned from engineering and operational experience focused on continuously improving performance
  • Hands-on approach to field operations oversight through routine and meaningful site visits by management and staff

Learn more about our efforts to continually achieve outstanding safety, environmental, and compliance results within our principal operating functions:

  • Drilling

    Our Drilling Team works in concert with our rig operating companies and drilling and completion service partners and suppliers to deliver peer-leading performance through:
    • Effective collaboration on well planning, rig operations, and performance monitoring
    • Well progress and plan-forward review sessions conducted routinely with service and equipment providers to ensure an integrated approach to achieving successful results
    • Consistent and constructive rig site safety inspections, job procedure reviews, and performance audits
  • Production

    Our Production Team is firmly aligned with our production operating and maintenance contractor partners and their offshore operations personnel to deliver exceptional results through:
    • Rigorous commitment to self-inspection, performance auditing, and continuous improvement
    • Cooperative efforts with our contractor partners to continually enhance skills and knowledge of facility personnel
    • Focused development of capabilities for personnel in offshore site leadership positions
    • On-site leadership and oversight from field management staff residing offshore, alongside field operation teams
  • Construction

    Our Construction Team integrates highly experienced management staff with a core team of engineering and project management contracting partners to produce outstanding results through:
    • Commitment to ensuring facilities are designed and constructed to meet demanding structural and operational performance standards and enable safe and compliant operations
    • Rigorous and disciplined pre-job project planning including development of comprehensive and detailed project execution plans
    • Pre-job hazard analyses on all project activities to enable effective risk assessment and control
    • Stability within our experienced field Construction Supervisor team, ensuring consistency in execution effectiveness and fostering a mentoring environment for field construction teams
    • Post-job evaluations and critiques allowing lessons learned to be applied to future activities

"We believe in planning our work, and working our plan always and foremost in a safe and compliant manner."

—Wayne Maturin, Production Foreman – Arena Offshore