The Advantages That Drive Our Achievements

In the Gulf of Mexico, several key advantages drive our ongoing growth and make Arena Offshore an operating partner of choice for leading E&P companies.

  • Safety and Environmental Compliance

    Our unwavering commitment to ensuring personnel and process safety and environmental stewardship are the primary drivers behind our business and operational decisions. We are delivering pace-setting performance in these areas, yet we continue to drive ongoing improvement through our plans, decisions, and actions.

  • Organizational & Operational Agility

    Despite our stature as a leading operator in the Gulf, and the large scale of our operations, we are agile enough to make timely decisions and act upon them quickly.

  • Track Record of Efficiency

    Our ability to strip out unnecessary costs while remaining focused on operational excellence has made us the preferred operator in the Gulf.

  • Commitment to Structural Integrity

    Arena Offshore continually exceeds industry requirements in our structural designs and we are committed to ongoing platform upgrades. Our due diligence processes, including thorough reviews of underwater platform inspections and structural engineering analysis, are fundamental to our acquisition strategy.

  • Focus on the Gulf Shelf

    Arena Offshore operates exclusively on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf, providing our team with focused expertise that helps control costs, reduce operational and environmental risks, and—ultimately—increase production. Our engineers and operations staff are highly experienced; many have spent their entire careers on the Gulf Shelf.

  • Long-Term Commitment

    Arena Offshore takes a long-term view of our operations in the Gulf. When we embark on a development project, we are committed to seeing it through—from drilling and production through proper plugging and abandonment.

  • Strong Partner Network

    Arena Offshore maintains excellent relationships with all our non-operating partners, contractors, and vendors within the Gulf exploration and production community.